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HossamForeX Is a Private Limited Company specialized in software design and development of Expert Advisors of foreign exchange market(Forex).

Our Mission is to help Forex Traders All over the World to trade Forex safely and profitably with minimum risk and maximum profit.

Our Expert Advisors are the result of our research in the field of Forex trading for more than 7 years using Artificial intelligence technology in forecasting the forex market signals to enable Forex traders to trade Forex Currency Pairs Safely and Profitably.


By: Eng. Hossam Hassan (HossamForeX)



Scalper Expert Advisor

Fx-Dominant is Not available at the Moment

Under Testing and further improvements



MasterForex is a fully automated Expert Advisor, Its Strategy is a mix between scalping and day trading

strategy based on the Artificial  intelligence technology and the Numerical analysis of the price action.

This EA has the ability to choose between 23 curency pairs and select the pairs that fulfill strategy criteria

and without opening their time frames, orders are opened automatically (only one time frame -gbpusd-

is required to be opened).

You can control which currency pairs to trade through input parameters of the EA, Also the Max. number

 of pairs which can be opened at the same time.

Each entry point is calculated using an advanced entry filter based on price chart movement analysis.



  Broker: Any Low Spread Broker.

  Account Type: Any type.

  PlatForm: Metatrader4 (Five Digits).

  Recommended Broker: See Brokers.

  Spread: We Recommend to set Maximum Spread 3.5 pips.


Open Demo ECN account on one of the previous Recommended Brokers and apply the EA on GBPUSD pair.

Be Sure that All Currencies are shown in the Market Watch.



Forex Market contains thousands of EA sellers claiming that they have the best EA in the world … In our

Opinion, and after testing hundreds of expert advisors, The best way to judge an EA is to Test it by yourself at

your own computer or VPS

So, Here is a DEMO VERSION of our Expert Advisor

This Demo Version can be tested on Mt4 Platform.

Go to One of our Recommended Brokers and open a demo acc.

SignUp to the Following Form to be able to Download the Demo Version of the expert advisor :


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if the problem persists Send your name and your email to : and we will send you back the
Demo version of the EA.  
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You can test the Expert on REAL ACCOUNT 
This PLAN is Valid only One time for any account number